Mark Ellis

I’ve always had a drive to create and, though my career choices have fluctuated, I settled on sculpture as my focus. I am still developing as an artist and as such I've allowed myself to be open to various mediums and processes. I wish to take the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none, is often times better than a master of one.” and imbue that spirit into my work.

I draw my inspiration and aesthetics from the environment around me, be it a literal urban cityscape to the more abstract natural and scientific world. I enjoy using geometry and hard edges along with organic forms in order to play with contrast. I tend to keep my color palette simple and often monochromatic to further push the contrast.

Much of my struggle as an artist involves finding my unique voice and so I’ve decided to use that exploratory force to directly influence my work. I try to invite the audience to take a close look at my work and even interact with it in the hopes that they will empathize with my means to access that creative spark within us and present it to the world.